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The MANDI brand of premium bath and personal care products are crafted to deliver pampering experiences from head to toe, by gratifying the senses with scintillating scents and flavours + attention to detail, and design.

Made for this generation of influencers and thought leaders who are ready to ditch the status quo, and who lives with a passion for excellence, and the finer things in life. MANDI is crafted to be a daily, rewarding reminder, “you are WORTHY to be loved”. #mandiworthy

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It’s all about the senses!

“When I think about the best moments with my favourite people, or the food and places I love, it’s all about the senses—the smell, the touch, the taste, and the sights. This is what I want to achieve with MANDI. Transforming daily, ordinary routines into scent-sational experiences you will enjoy, and appreciate. Be it the pleasurable MANDI toothpaste with a range of surprising flavours. To the stimulating, invigorating, and calming scents of MANDI bath products—infused with exquisite fine fragrances. A pleasurable journey awaits, because you’re WORTHY!”

Elizabeth Tan,
MANDI Co-Founder,
Award-Winning Malaysian Recording Artiste and Actress.