So what exactly is fluoride?

Huh? What’s fluoride-free? Why do some toothpastes have it, while some don’t?

If you’ve been left confused by this label on toothpastes, worry not, we’re here to unravel all the buzz about fluoride and how it affects our teeth. It is a mineral that occurs naturally in water, soil, plants and rocks, among others. It contains chemical properties that strengthen enamel and aid in preventing cavities. Today, fluoride is synthetically produced and infused into toothpastes, mouth wash and other chemical products.

Fluoride in our daily lives.

However, fluoride is also added to our local water supply and tap water. As a result, there is a risk of over exposure of fluoride. When in contact with an excess of fluoride, it could lead to dental fluorosis.

Dental fluorosis could affect children, especially those under 8 years of age. This is mild as it only causes discolourations of the teeth. A more severe condition is skeletal fluorosis, caused by an over-exposure of fluoride for a signifiant time. This can cause joint pain and even alter bone structure and calcify ligaments.

The Fluoride-Free movement.

With that said, certain toothpaste brands are going fluoride free, and Mandi is joining the movement!

People who are allergic towards fluoride can use Mandi’s toothpaste without any concern. Parents may also give our fluoride-free toothpaste to their children with peace of mind, as it is safe to swallow. With an array of wild flavours to choose from, your children's teeth-brushing time will be more safe and fun too!

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