We’ve all had those days where we feel grubby and grimy, whether it is from the dusty air, or all the dirt and grime collected throughout the day.

Give yourself a treat after a long, hard day - here’s where Mandi comes in. 


Sometimes life takes a toll on your skin. 

Going out exposes your skin to a lot of harsh elements such as harmful UV rays, dust and rain. These, in addition to naturally secreted oil and sweat that builds up on your skin when you move about will make you feel sticky and miserable - not to mention uncomfortable and tired, especially after a long, hard day. But all these cannot really be avoided- this is only something natural. So take the next best step - freshen up and recharge! 

The perfect shower partner for you. 

Taking a luxurious shower would go a long way to soothe and rejuvenate your skin. However, simply showering without any body wash would be rather pointless as you may still feel sticky after the bath. Get yourself a shower partner instead. Mandi body wash is a pampering body wash that is soap-free. Thus, it will not irritate the skin and suitable for all skin types. On the other hand, what if you want a specific experience for your shower? 

Thoroughly cleansing, yet gentle to skin.

Mandi has a collection of different body washes just for that! Choose Wild Cashmere for an extravagant shower experience, with a scent that's hard to forget. It’s specially good for soothing and moisturising your skin. Mandi’s Velvet Dunes is perfect to achieve that smooth, soft, and supple skin feeling you might crave for, while our dashing Aqua Duvet will rejuvenate, refresh and hydrate your skin and spirit for you to tackle your day!