Have you ever had those hectic mornings where you forget about brushing your teeth? Hmmm…sounds familiar right?
Not to worry, here’re some Mandi oral care tips to avoid those days where you skip brushing your teeth!


Make brushing teeth part of your life.

First, make brushing teeth a habit that falls perfectly into your lifestyle. Plan out a step-by-step morning routine starting from waking up to when you leave for the day!

Dentists advise brushing our teeth twice a day - if it’s too hard, you can try to brush once a day. Once it becomes a daily habit, you’re likely to brush your teeth more. Then you can make your way to twice a day, yeah!

Place your toothpaste and brush within view.

Next, place your toothpaste and toothbrush somewhere you won’t miss - such as on the sink or next to the shower. Why not try brushing your teeth while under the shower to save time too!

Also, you can set your oral care appliances on a contrasting surface to make it stand out. Hey, that’s why Mandi’s toothpaste packaging is designed to be attractive - so you’ll want to pick it up to use!

Find a toothpaste that makes brushing fun

Last but not least, find a toothpaste that makes brushing teeth a wonderful experience you’ll look forward to. Mandi offers a selection of unique toothpaste packed with tasteful flavours.

Flavours such as Fresh, Fresh, Baby!, One in a Melon, Sereni-Tea and Cream Dream are here to keep your teeth healthy and your breath fresh! Once you get a taste of the fun, you’ll get hooked to the feeling!