Still using grandma’s toothpaste? Time for a fresh, new, tasty change.

Wake up to fun and excitement with Mandi flavoured toothpaste. 4 unique delicious tastin’ flavours that will put a pleasant smile on your face. 

Each packed with total oral-hygiene formulation to care for your teeth so your smile is not just happy, it is healthy as well. Try it and see the difference. Even grandma will approve of it.

Hey, it’s okay to be a kid once more.

Why must brushing your teeth be a chore? Make it a fabulous treat. Get Mandi #NewGenerationToothpaste. Smiles are happier, teeth are healthier every day. 

Fresh, Fresh, Baby! – Double the goodness, double the freshess with a strong spearmint and peppermint combo.
One in a Melon - Get your creative juices flowing right at the start of day with this delightful blend of apple, watermelon and mint.
Sereni-Tea – Minty green tea to provide you calmness as you prepare for your hectic day ahead.  
Cream Dream – You’ll be dreaming of waking up just to taste its rich guilt-free vanilla strawberry mint flavour; pleasure without the worry with sugar-free formulation