Because shower time
is your precious time. 

Turn on the shower or slip into your bathtub and just lose yourself in a whirlwind experience of beauty and nature. Set your senses free to indulge in selfish solitude provided by the wondrous bounty of Mother Earth and an exquisite fragrance that comes in every bottle of Mandi Bodywash.

Mandi Perfumed Bodywash. Because you’re every bit precious.

Don’t step into the shower without your bottle of pure bliss. 

Wild Cashmere – At first scent, an endless wilderness opens its arms to enfold you. Bask in the gold of the sun and white lilies, as you blanket yourself with the rich, silken feel of cashmere-lather. Let the cooling dews of Aloe Vera soothe you skin deep, and step out feeling utterly refreshed and totally invigorated.

Velvet Dunes – Hints of mystery and thrill await you at first scent. Golden dunes, warm sea breeze - it overwhelms you mind, body and spirit as you indulge in lavish, velvety foam spread upon your skin. Relax as the healing wonders of seaweed and aloe vera embrace you, leaving you with rejuvenation that lingers on for hours.

Aqua Duvet – One whiff of its adventurous fragrance will whisk you away to utter relaxation on your own exotic island. Peace and tranquillity envelopes you courtesy of citrus and sea cucumber. Take pleasure in the moment and let the richness of duvet-lather with aloe vera pamper, hydrate and revitalize your lovely skin.