As a society, we humans need to communicate with each other to survive. In light of Covid-19, we adapt by doing online meetings, conference calls etc. 
How do we ensure effective communication this way? The answer- confidence! 


What is a Confident Presentation?

Although communication online is different, the same key to having good communication remains the same - confidence.

Now confidence is a mindset that is affected by how we think of ourselves. Imagine talking to someone and noticing that they have stained teeth. Or God forbid bad breath. That would be so embarrassing, even more so if that person with stained teeth or bad breath is you!

Building Charisma from Confidence

Luckily, we are limiting human exposure because of Covid-19. However, bad hygiene habits will take a long-term toll. So how do we build confidence that leads to attractive charisma?

One way is to take care of our appearance. A person’s smile is the first thing people notice. Brushing and regular flossing daily will leave you feeling fresh and energised, and do wonders for your self-esteem.

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Have a delightful oral care routine with Mandi, and gain more confidence with a bright smile and fresh appearance!