Guess what? Mandi body wash is soap-free!

Let’s talk about how Mandi treats your skin right with our soap-free formula that is rich with many key ingredients beneficial to your skin.

What is soap-free body wash?

Soap-free body wash? That sounds peculiar, doesn’t it? After all, body washes ARE made of soaps, right? To answer this, we must first ask: What is actually in soap?

Well, soaps are surfactants made with fatty acids and alkaline solutions. They have emulsifiers that will break up oil and fats to clean the surface they are applied on. Now, soap-free or soap-less body wash do contain emulsifiers, too – however, they do not contain the fatty acids and alkaline solutions combo.

Why such a strange cleanser?

Soap-less showers may just be the better choice for you to improve your skin health. Normal, soapy body wash may cause irritations for sensitive skin. In addition, soap-based body wash may dry the skin excessively as they strip the natural oils on one’s skin. Soap-less body wash work just as effective as their soapy counterpart - they are simply made from a different compound.

How does it feel like?

You may think that soap-less body wash means no lather, but you would be wrong. Although it is more common to see soap-less products producing little to no lather, not all soap-less body wash do this. In fact, they can produce lather as much as soaped up body wash. However in some, a loofah may do the trick to produce more lather. This additional shower companion will also help with exfoliation – just remember to clean your loofah daily or replace it regularly!

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